Below are a few examples of my past work. Click on the thumbnail image to view full example.

Website Examples

Website Homepage
Website Homepage
The best websites are visually interesting, easily navigated, and effectively employ negative space. This website provides the visitor access to a great deal of information through the top navigation menu, buttons and three boxes below the main section without being cluttered or overwhelming. The entire website, with nearly 100% new content, was developed and launched in less than four months — over a month ahead of schedule..
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Content Webpage Example
Internal Content Page
Consistency is key in branding and messaging. The layout, color scheme and design are consistent throughout this site, allowing the visitor to focus on the organization’s message.
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State Website Example
State Specific Website Homepage
This is the homepage for the Progressive Majority Washington website. Several state operations had their own state-specific sites. The layout and design mirrored the national site, but each state produced regional content and used a slightly different color scheme. This allowed the messaging to be local, but the relationship to the national organization remain clear.
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Microsite HomepageMicrosite Homepage
After considerable statistical analysis, I determined that over 75% of online donations came from states where Progressive Majority had offices. However, these states accounted for less than 33% of the email list. This microsite was developed to increase the size of the organization’s email list in these active states. It was the landing page for a targeted advertising program that included blog ads, Google Ad Words, Care2, Facebook and more. Through the strategic use of the microsite, over 15,000 new emails were added to the organization’s list. PM doubled its email fundraising the next year. Click here to view full size.

Microsite Content Page
Microsite Content Page
The microsite, DraftaProgressive.org, allowed visitors to “build” their ideal candidate through a brief five-step Flash animation survey. After completing their ideal candidate, visitors were encouraged to recruit or “draft” someone they thought should run for office.
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Email Fundraising & Advocacy Examples

Email Fundraising #1Email Fundraising #1
This fundraising email appeal was sent out in March 2007. A Google News Alert, picked up a post from a conservative Colorado blogger calling Progressive Majority “the second most dangerous organization.” This blog posting quickly spread like wildfire through conservative blogs. This appeal was one of four emails sent out using “second most dangerous organization in America” over two weeks. This email and appeal series set the Progressive Majority record for online fundraising.
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Email Advocacy Email Advocacy
In January of 2007, the Federal Way School Board ruled that Al Gore’s, “An Inconvenient Truth” could no longer be showed in classrooms. We sent out an email to our Washington state email list asking them to email the Federal Way School Board to urge the Board to rescind the ban. The response was overwhelming. Over 25% of the recipients took action. We then sent the action alert to our national list. The alert performed well, but most importantly, the story was picked up by DailyKos.com. As a result, not only did the action alerts deluge the Federal Way School Board, it also added over 1,000 prized new supporters to the Progressive Majority email list. Click here to view full size.

Email Fundraising #2Email Fundraising #2
In the spring of 2009, two Colorado State Senators made very controversial statements about single mothers and gay individuals that were published in The Rocky Mountain News. This email appeal used a local issue to engage donors from across the country and produced solid results. This is an excellent example of a fundraising email because it uses an issue that grabs the reader’s attention and makes a request for funds for very specific, valuable actions. People feel as though they are connected to something bigger than themselves and that their money will actually be used for quantifiable good.
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Online Database Development Example

Online DatabaseOnline Database
Political Candidate Management System (PCMS) is a custom developed, web-based database that was ordered by Progressive Majority to track all past, present, and future candidates and their campaigns. I served as project manager for the development, user testing, training, and implementation of the PCMS database. As project manager, I worked with the political department, development department, and state offices to ensure their needs were met. This involved frequent communication and closely working with the programmer. The following screenshots are examples of the functionality and capabilities of PCMS.
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